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Rapid Workflow for Landscapers with Stumper Attachments

Our friends in the landscaping business shared with us how they profit from Stumper attachments. In the past, they used to haul two trailers to every job - one for the skid steer and one for a standalone, self-propelled stump grinder. With our stump grinding attachments, the skid steer does double duty: you just haul the Stumper attachment on the trailer with your skid steer. One less trailer, less maintenance, less fuel in the trucks.

After felling the trees and clearing the logs with your grapple, you just swap the grapple with your Stumper 240 attachment. This attachment can be used on your mini skid-steer, skid-steer, mini excavator, backhoe, or UTV-- making it a truly versatile machine for your mid-size landscaping company. The Stumper 240 not only reduces the number of trailers required, but you can quickly move from stump to stump, as fast as your skid steer can maneuver. If you are clearing a lot of 20 trees, you need only a few seconds between cuts- no waiting around or setup at each stump. The bottom line is you work faster, with less gear to haul. And that means more profit per job.

Want to see the 240 in action? Here's an amateur video of one cutting a fresh hard maple stump 23 inches in diameter.


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