Stumper 3500

Performance Stump Grinding

The Stumper 3500 gives you maximum stump-grinding durability. With an elegantly simple design, the Stumper 3500 powers through the toughest stumps and roots. By eliminating complex gearboxes, the 3500 keeps you grinding—not repairing.

The Stumper 3500 runs on 45–90 horsepower. It can consume a 12 inch stump in minutes and removes stumps within 6 inches of buildings or fences. Once installed, the Stumper can mulch a stump anywhere your tractor can go.

The Stumper 3500 requires no electrical connections and uses only standard accessory hydraulics and 3-point PTO. Learn more about tree stump grinders.

12" or 30 cm Cut Depth per Pass
36" or 91 cm Dia. Cutting Wheel
1200 lb. or 544 kg Weight
60° Swing Angle
Grinds 1 Cubic Foot or 28,317 Cubic Centimeters per Minute
45-90 HP Recommended
540 RPM PTO Speed
Category II 3-Point Hitch
2 Hydraulic Valves