Put the horsepower of your tractor to work churning up stumps and roots with the Stumper Model 3500. With direct drive off the PTO, your tractor can mulch a cubic foot per minute of stump. Raise your profits by leveling more stumps per hour. The rest of the day can be yours without servicing your grinder all evening.

The Stumper 3500 gives you maximum stump-grinding durability. With an elegantly simple design, the Stumper 3500 powers through the toughest stumps and roots. By eliminating complex gearboxes, the 3500 keeps you grinding—not repairing.

  • 12" or 30 cm Cut Depth per Pass
  • 36" or 91 cm Dia. Cutting Wheel
  • 1200 lb. or 544 kg Weight
  • 60° Swing Angle
  • Grinds 1 Cubic Foot or 28,317 Cubic Centimeters per Minute