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Will this Stump Grinder hookup to my Machine?

Yes, we offer turn key mounting packages for mini skid steers, full size skid steers, excavators, tractors, and select UTV applications. We have standard mounts in stock and also offer custom mounting options.

Do I need Electrical or Case Drain connections?

No Electrical Connections are needed, and most models do not require the use of a case drain.

Do I need High Flow hydraulics or is Standard Flow ok?

High Flow Hydraulics are not required, we offer options for both standard flow and high flow to match your machine's capability.

Is the Stump Grinder safe for the Operator/Bystanders/Other Property?

Yes, the Low RPM grinding style is safe for people and property when operated as intended, following safe operating procedures. Our heavy-duty chip deflectors also help limit the debris field for safe operation and efficient cleanup.

Is the Stump Grinder easy to use or do I have to be a skilled operator?

Yes, the stump grinder is intuitive to operate, with a quick ramp up time for new operators to be fully productive. 

Is the Stump Grinder a High Maintenance/High Cost attachment to operate?

No, the stump grinder has been designed to be low maintenance having a direct drive system without the use of belts, pulleys, gearboxes, actuators, or electrical connections.

Is an attachment grinder a cost-effective way for me to remove stumps?

Yes, in most cases it is significantly more effective to grind versus pulling the stumps out of the ground.  Hauling the stump from the jobsite, arranging for final disposal on your lot, or paying for disposal offsite are all things that need to be considered as they add cost to your projects.