Less Maintenance.

More Profit.

Fitted for tractors, the Stumper 3500 has a 36" diameter cutting wheel that features 25 teeth on a 1" thick wheel, which can help you achieve a 12" cut per pass on a direct drive system. Like the other Stumper products, this has no belts, pulleys, or gearboxes, has no electrical connection, or case drain required. The Stumper 3500 only requires 2 grease fittings, 2 auxiliary sets of remotes, a 60 degree swing angle, on a 45 - 90 horsepower mid- to large-frame tractor with a 540 RPM PTO speed, on a category 11 3-point hitch. Grind more, safely and efficiently with a Stumper 3500! 

Low RPM / High Torque / High Performance
No Electrical Connections Required / Works on any machine
Oversize Rakers
Limit the depth of cut / Prolong tooth life
Face & Edge Grinding
Large passes with the wheel face / Plunge cuts
Below-grade grinding
All Stumpers easily grind as deep as necessary below grade
Maximum Maneuverability
Stumpers go anywhere the carrier goes quickly and easily allowing you to grind right next to objects safely with good visibility
Quality Fabrication
We use high quality / premium materials and components