Stumpgrinding with a Stumper Industries brand stumpgrinder is made easy with our standard quick attach models for your mini-skid steer, skid steer, mini-excavator, loader, tractor, backhoe, and UTV. Because our Stumper models attach to equipment you already own, you can generate more profit from each machine on your operation. Engineered and fabricated in the United States and assembled from powder-coated steel weldments and quality hydraulic components, our stumpgrinders are cost efficient. Our drive-up and grind model saves on your stumpgrinding maintenance time by cutting primarily with the face of the wheel and allowing you to get more done with our fast cutting speed.

With Stumper Industries’ stumpgrinders, you have options. The Stumper 220 stump grinder was developed for standard or occasional use on a mini or standard-size skid steer, mini-excavator, backhoe or UTV. This stumpgrinding attachment has a cutting diameter of 22 inches and a six inch cut depth per pass. The Stumper 240 commercial stumpgrinder was developed for mid-size landscaping companies with a 24 inch cutting diameter and an eight inch cut depth per pass. This tree stumpgrinder can be attached to a mini or standard-size skid steer, mini-excavator, backhoe or UTV. The Stumper 280 was created with heavy duty landscaping businesses in mind. With a 28 inch cutting diameter and eight inch cut depth per pass this attachment can be paired with your standard-size skid steer, mini-excavator, backhoe, mini front loader, and UTV. Built to give you the maximum tree stumpgrinding durability, the Stumper 3500 provides users with a 36 inch cutting diameter and a 12 inch cut depth per pass.

Stumpgrinding with a Stumper 3500 is a breeze, eliminating gearboxes and minimizing maintenance, while allowing you to generate more profit. Stumpgrinding with a Stumper eliminates the need for messy gearboxes and electrical systems because each system is powered by standard or hi flow hydraulics. If you are unsure which system to choose, please call our staff to help you find a stumpgrinder to meet your needs. Whether you operate a farm, a tree service or a landscaping company, we have a stumpgrinder to help you get the job done right.